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Piano music Chopin Scriabine Busoni Vernon Warner-flying, pigeons  


Volume One

'The CD is dedicated to the memory of Vernon Warner, the finest pianist amongst the many great pianists it has been my fortune to have heard. He became my teacher when I left Stowe School in 1927 until 1939 when I exchanged piano for aeroplanes. Age, now, inevitably sets limits so my repertoire is confined to some of the less-demanding pieces I learnt with Vernon Warner who, like all great artists, had a unique way of playing which I have tried to convey on this disc.'

All money raised from the sales of the CD has been donated to charities: MIND, SENSE, The Samaritans, Macmillan Nurses and CRISIS. So far (April 2006) the sales have raised over £1500.

The CD has been produced with the generous help of Mike Cross of Aerosonic with thanks to Ablex Audio Video Ltd., Telford.

The recording was made on a Sony DAT recorder in my sitting room on a 1903 Steinway piano.

1 Bach/Busoni Choral Prelude 'Ich ruf zu Dir'
2 Bach/Petri Minuet
3 Brahms Intermezzo A min Op 118/1
4 Brahms Intermezzo A maj Op 118/2
5 Brahms Intermezzo E flat min Op 117/1
6 Brahms Intermezzo B flat min Op 117/2
7 Brahms Waltz E maj Op 39
8 Brahms Waltz A flat Op 39
9 Gluck/Brahms Gavotte
10 Chopin Waltz D flat(post)
11 Chopin Waltz G flat(post)
12 Chopin Waltz A flat(Unknown)
13 Chopin Mazurka A flat Op 41/4
14 Chopin Mazurka A flat Op 24/3
15 Chopin Mazurka C maj Op 33/3
16 Chopin Mazurka F min Op 7/3
17 Chopin Mazurka A flat Op 59/2
18 Chopin Mazurka D flat Op 30/3
19 Chopin/ Liszt Meine Freunden
20 Scriabine Fragilite Op 51
21 Chopin Nocturne D flat Op 27/2
22 Schuman Des Abends

Vol 1


      Produced by Adrian